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Bertam Perdana

With the approval for planning of a 300 acre site at the township of Bertam, Seberang Prai, obtained, we proceeded with the architecture design of the houses. Phase 1A consisting of bungalows, Semi Detached and terrace houses have been completed. Phase 1B will consist primarily of bungalows and semi detached homes.

The design concept is towards planning this new township in Bertam into a premier themed township in Penang. Our design direction is via using our rich local and regional tropical context to plan the outlook of the township.

We carefully used local and tropical elements in the building Architectural features to identify the five different precincts. The elements used are carefully designed and placed in a manner that will be proportionate and contemporary. The approach also takes into account climatic influences and regional prevailing architectural language that can be found in the Malay Archipelago region.

Overall, we feel we have successfully incorporated an organic planning layout that is suitable to the tropical climate, Architectural language and mannerism appropriate to this region, and a healthy living environment for the inhabitants.

See Bertam Perdana BP4-1A
See Bertam Perdana BP4-1B

International School of Penang, Uplands

The school for children of expatriates working in Penang and around the region has been finally completed. The project was also featured in Roof and Façade Asia, Vol. 4 No.3 as well as Vol. 19-2 Architecture Malaysia.

See International School of Penang, Uplands

Taman Jentayu Indah

The brief for this project was primarily to design a residential scheme for a corporate client in Penang. The client is fastidious in the requirements for attention to detail as well as design consideration. The approval for the layout was already obtained when we were engaged for this project.

See Taman Jentayu Indah

DELL Asia Pacific Customer Center - Site 1, Bayan Lepas

Our first foray into the world of Multi National Corporations was made possible via our collaborative work with GTP Consultants Sdn. Bhd. The project consisted primarily of interior and alteration work converting an existing factory to an office building. Our aim was bringing in as much natural lighting to the office environment. We also had to adapt the design to complement the existing office workstations and furniture.

See DELL Asia Pacific Customer Center - Site 1, Bayan Lepas

DELL Asia Pacific Customer Center - Site 2, Bukit Tengah Cafeteria

This project is interesting as it consists of 2 phases. The first phase consists of construction of a cafeteria at Level 1. During this phase, preparations must be made for Phase 2 which will be future offices for their staff. Our yardstick was DELL Asia Pacific Customer Center-Site 1, Bayan Lepas, which we had completed earlier.

See DELL Asia Pacific Customer Center - Site 2, Bukit Tengah Cafeterias

Taman Jernih, Phase IV

The completion of Phase IV of Taman Jernih signifies the final completion of this development in Bukit Mertajam, Penang. For this final phase, the original designed shop offices were also amended to terrace houses.

See Taman Jernih, Phase IV

Apartment at 11 Gurney, Penang

Ko Shiou Hee of K2Ld Architects provided the concept for this project when he was working on the interiors of G Hotel, Penang. It was refreshing for us at Architect T.Y. Au to work with Shiou Hee on the realization of a high end apartment.

See Apartment at 11 Gurney, Penang

Kettler and Sun Paradise, Queensbay Mall Kettler and Sun Paradise, Gurney Mall

As with most 'branded retail' projects, a corporate identity had already been provided. As such, our task was to ensure that it was kept and adapted to fit in the selected location.

DIGI Digi Taiping Digi Ipoh Digi Bandar Perda Digi Queensbay

This was a series of design build projects for a major telecommunications company in Malaysia. The corporate identity was provided and this was then adapted to the various sites that we worked on.

Various Industrial Projects

We have been involved in several proposals for industrial projects in capacity as architect or interior designer in Penang; at times we have been successful, at times not.

See Industrial section of Projects

Venice Biennale

Venice Biennale started as a showcase of Italian art in 1895, eventually becoming the oldest and most important international visual art event in the world. As an international platform for contemporary art, it has evolved over the years to include architecture. Venice Architecture Biennale is now recognized as the most strategic and highly-profiled event on the international calendar of contemporary architecture, with thousands of the world's most influential architects, designers, urban planners, developers and critics visiting, and extensive coverage and commentary in the architectural press and general media during and after the exhibition. The12th International Architecture Exhibition in 2011, with the title of People Meet in Architecture, was directed by Kazuyo Sejima of SANAA, the 2010 Pritzker Architecture winner.

PAM, in collaboration with MATRADE and National Art Gallery Malaysia (NAGM) as the co-exhibitors, presented a re-composition of Malaysia's architectural scene, hence the working title "RE/MIXED". The underlying curatorial intent is to feature a testimonial collection of architectural creations by PAM Members over the years, and to provide as wide as possible the opportunity for the wealth of architectural talent from amongst PAM Members to participate.

Our creation is of a place for contemplation and meditation. An existing Bodhi tree becomes the focus within the place itself. There is an infinity pool with a thin stream of water that cascades down to assist in this place of homage. The model was made of cardboard, wire, balsa wood and styrofoam.


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